Belgian Association of Phase 1 units

The BAPU provides a platform for scientific exchange and improvement of training and education, opportunities to represent professional interests.

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BAPU in short

The Belgian Association of Phase I Units (BAPU) was formed as a result of the EU Clinical Trials Directive of 2004 where a need was identified to create an umbrella organization for centers dedicated to Phase I clinical research. BAPU was born on 14 January 2005. 5 Academic Research Organisations, 2 Clinical Research Organisations and 2 company-owned organisations were the first members, and still are the current members.

The principal responsibilities include supporting its organisations in their work, representing their interests at regulators, provide a source of continued education through an internal education cycle as well as symposia.

Over time BAPU has extended its reach to close collaboration with sister organisations in Germany, France and the UK.

BAPU is also a member of Eufemed (= European Federation for Exploratory Medicines Development).

12 members
124 individuals

The Board

Sylvie Rottey Vice chairman
Annick Van Riel Treasurer
Jan De Hoon Board member
Bart Keymeulen Board member
Benjamin Boinem Board member
Pierre Van Damme Board member
Corinne Vandermeulen Board member
Isabel Leroux-Roels Board member
Ekaterina Tankisheva Board member
Delphine Malisse Chairman
Machiels Jean Pascal Board member
Erik Mannaert Secretary

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